Eve Muslim Women Magazine




D’BLACKCUBE PTE LTD, the publisher for EVE balancing modesty & identity, will be a premier professional Muslim Women’s Magazine in English to be circulated in Singapore. The bi-monthly publication offers new perspectives towards empowering muslim women within the age 18 to 60. The informations under EVE balancing modesty and identity headings are:- Women In the Helm, Empowering Mind-Set, Marriage Matters, Life Lessons, Beauty and Fashion, Culture and The Arts, Book Reviews and Education, which is in line with the magazine’s vision.

Eve Muslim women magazineEVE balancing modesty and identity aims to provide valuable information, knowledge and even up-to-date fashion awareness to every distinctive muslim women. It is committed towards cultivating the mindset of life improvements and life-long learning for the betterment of every women.

EVE Magazine, recognized that the only thing that is constant is change. Change forces us to adapt.

EVE’s objectives should be based on adaptability towards change, that must create opportunities and set new trends, without compromising on values and tradition.

Concept of EVE

EVE has been conceptualized surrounding the modern Muslim professional women, and the chapters in EVE complete all aspects of every woman’s life and their lifestyle. Indulging in EVE provides them with inspiration that fulfils their desires to reach success at greater heights.

EVE as a Great Prelude to Something Great

Like the EVE of a new year or any other special day, EVE symbolizes the dawn of a new special era, a span of time where muslim women collectively thrive and contribute significantly to society. EVE builds up momentum before that special era arrives. If at all, EVE is the change agent that makes that special day come sooner. Or perhaps, EVE, in itself, is the start of that special moment. Like how Eve exists at the start of Life, the cycle repeats again, and this time EVE exists just at the turn of
the next century.

Objectives of EVE

To engage Women towards sustainable progress through culture & lifestyle
To create opportunities towards the advancement of Women
To narrow perception gaps towards women through mainstream media